Functional & Stylish Shelving

Bookcase shelving can be a nice addition to any space. Regardless of whether the design is industrial, minimalist or traditional or in what type of structure, shelving lends a touch of intimacy and calm to any interior. Below are some of many ideas for possible usage.


A balcony with built in shelving and comfortable seating can provide a delightful escape whether in a hotel or commercial building. Books which focus on the specific locale or that pertain to the type of business are good ideas for subject matter.

Elevator Lobbies

An elevator lobby is a perfect location for a built in bookcase with built in rods for local and international newspapers. Although our extensive use of the internet has provided many newspaper readers with information at a moments’ notice, many literary engaged individuals still find it comforting t read the actual paper. It restores a sense of nostalgia, stability, elegance and permanence in todays’ fast paced, want it now society.


Almost any type of building can benefit from the designer developing a semi private niche with bookcase shelving. A place to get away is often a needed and welcomed relief.

Traffic Flow Designator

Designated traffic flow can be achieved in a large space with the use of freestanding bookcase shelving. Whether to house books entirely or to provide a landing place for decorative items such as a vase or statue, a shelving room divider offers a simple solution when two or more separate areas are needed.

Restaurant Ambiance

Books or newspapers present a relaxed atmosphere in a restaurant environment. The added touch can also provide a sense of ease for single diners who may like to read as they dine.

Fireplace Reading

It seems that books and fireplaces go hand in hand. Whether in a family room or the lobby of a hotel, built in shelving provides not only a great functional space but also a decorative element for display.

Executive Office/Public Study

Shelving with appropriate books in an office or commercial environment displays a sense of wisdom and stability. A study or library provides an additional benefit giving employees a place to relax while on break.

Hotel Guestroom

Boutique hotels with shelving and books associated with the local culture provide an intimate touch and lets the guest know the hotel is thinking of their pleasure.


Shelving with books, magazines and newspapers give the customer the opportunity to relax during their visit.

Dorm Rooms

Built in’s in dorm rooms provide the most efficient use of a small space. Whether modular furniture united combined or shelving permanently built into place, this can provide organization for a typically cluttered space.