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About Synergy Design


"The interaction of two or more forces to produce a combined effect more significant than the sum of the separate effects."

Synergy Design Group (or SDG) is a studio of imaginative and strategic thinkers and passionate Designers serving Hospitality Industry since 2010.

SDG is involved in the designing of Hotels, Motels, Resorts and all other hospitality-oriented projects with holistic hospitality services including Procurement and Installation. We strive to create ever-evolving, astounding, and unparalleled interior designs for our clients, and associates, brands.

Experts at SDG have an exceptional eye for making every corner beautiful and provide an artistic feel to it. Our signature design style and project experts treat every project in its unique way to deliver aesthetical designs and services at scale.

About Procure Hospitality

SDG is strategically aligns with several world-renowned architectural, manufacturing, and construction firms to offer our clients end-to-end integrated project delivery of Interior design for Guest Room, Corridor, Lobby and Breakfast areas with Procurement and Installation services.

SDG believes that design is about people and their goals. We integrate global design expressions and creative forces at SDG and strive to broaden the perceptions of design beyond aesthetics, including the methodology of usability and sustainability. Our mantra is to enhance the synergies among each stakeholder of the project team through collective interaction and continuous collaboration.

Hotel Design & Procurement Services

SDG provides an emotional collaboration of perspectives and senses, which are inspired by human experiences, surroundings, thoughts, and dreams. We aim to engage those senses by creating a dialogue, to embrace the design process through the dynamic energy and vision of our entire team. Through these senses and constant innovation, we develop a creative universe of perspectives bound by collaborative and relentless energy to deliver astounding creative services.

Meet The Team


Sangeeta "Sara" Agarwal - ADMINISTRATION

President, Partner

Sara Agarwal's expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of construction and furnishings products provides knowledge and direction for each Synergy project. With 30 years of experience as CEO of companies in the hospitality and interior industry, Sara's attention to detail and organizational skills will be utilized in the coordination of the Holiday Inn Express plan of action to assure a timely and efficiently executed project.


Valoria A. Isaac - ASID, llDA - INTERIOR DESIGN

VP of Design, Partner

Valoria will work as Design Director leading the creative team for the Holiday Inn Express and will work with studio designers overseeing the development of the interior design parameters and requirements along with the implementation of planning and design solutions. Her many years of experience as lead designer and CEO of design firms provides her with the experience to ensure that all design and documentation embodies and follows the brand standards and design intent. Valoria will also coordinate the clients' needs with other Synergy team members for a well­ integrated and informed process.


VP of Strategic Development, Partner

Mark expertise lies with the development and implementation of projects through completion. His leadership as a Member and Managing Partner in several design related corporations lends him the experience to help define and achieve the strategic goals of our scope from inspiration through installation. Mark will consult with our team as well as other contractors on the project concerning any construction related questions or issues pertaining to the FF&E installation. He also works with the client to assure the flow of the project progresses as expected.


Ms.Bianca Rivera

Lead Designer

Bianca is a confident, competent, and imaginative interior designer with vast experience of working on a mixture of projects. She has an excellent commercial approach to solving problems and a proven ability to generate new solutions for the renovation of internal spaces, including structural renovations.

She is an ambitious, creative, and dedicated design professional who has worked on educational, residential, workspace, F&B, and retail design projects in the USA. She is an expert in design conceptualization, project coordination, leading a team of interior designers, 3D visualizers, and draftsmen.

Ms. Motiwala

Interior Designer

Ms. Motiwala is an enthusiastic designer skilled at summarizing visual ideas into strong concepts. She enjoys brainstorming sessions and takes inspiration from mundane things in life. She believes that design should not only be limited to aesthetics but should also contain convenience and comfort.

An expert in creating and designing commercial and residential spaces, Ms.Motiwala, is always up to date with current and the latest trends in the interior designing arena. She has a thorough knowledge of fine arts and architecture. Responsible for designing spaces inside buildings, selecting color schemes, hardware and lighting fixtures, window treatments, carpet, paint, artworks, and furniture.

Vickie Richardson

Procurement Specialist

Vickie is a seasoned Procurement Specialist with over a decade of experience in the hospitality sector. He leads the strategic sourcing, direct & indirect procurement, logistics, warehousing, transportation & distribution management.

He manages the end to end supply chain management and asset management with retail & wholesale channel partner development. Vickie has a stronghold on business processes, strategic planning, supplier performance management, contract management, expense management and quality assurance.


Sam Agarwal - OPERATIONS

VP of Operations, Partner

Sam's extensive knowledge and experience as an Innovative Applications Developer, CEO of a leading Application development firm and partner of another leading Hospitality firm have given him the expertise to oversee the day to day operations of the company. Sam will provide guidance to the production team, coordination with the design and project management team and review of vendors' specifications assuring our delivery of high-quality goods and services and that we meet our designated production goals.

Core Values